Student Rewards & Donations

Stronghold Feed Student Reward Program

Stronghold Feed & Supply is proud to announce our Student Reward Program. It is our goal to develop a program for both Lifestyle and Market Stock Projects that will give our school-age customer an incentive to shop at Stronghold Feed & Supply for all their project related needs. Stronghold Feed’s Student Reward Program also provides us with a program that will enable us to give back to the community and support the youth in the communities we serve. At the completion of a student’s project, Stronghold will reimburse 10% of the eligible purchases in the form of a Stronghold Feed & Supply Gift Certificate. We will also show our support during the County and State Fair seasons.

Here’s how you qualify for the Stronghold Feed Student Reward Program:

1. Complete the Stronghold Feed Student Reward Program application and submit it to Stronghold Feed.

2. Upon approval, eligible purchases during the length of your project will begin to accumulate towards your gift certificate reimbursement.* Qualifying purchases include Feed, Animal Health & Show Supplies. The calculation of your 10% reimbursement will be based on the retail amount of the items purchased. Taxes will not be included.

3. Students will be responsible for keeping receipts and the accuracy and completion of a cost sheet with items purchased, item cost and a running total amount for purchases excliding taxes.

*Seven Days prior to a student’s local, county, or state fair, envelopes with cost sheets and Stronghold receipts must be presented to Stronghold Feed & Supply store for gift certificate reimbursement. Maximum reimbursement per student is $100.


Guidelines for Donations

1. We support organizations and groups with our time and products, as well as monetarily, in whole or in part.

2. We support projects or events that will promote and benefit our local communities and the rural lifestyle.

3. We seek to support projects or events that promote agricultural sustainability, education, and the overall agriculture community.

4. We also seek to support projects or events that are related to small animal health and pet care.

5. As we review each request we also evaluate the project effectiveness for promoting the goals and values of Stronghold Feed & Suppply including business financial and marketing objectives.

6. Funding requests will be evaluated on the above criteria as well as application completeness and accuracy.

If you feel your project or event fits within our guidelines for funding please complete the Stronghold Feed Funding Request and submit it via email or bring it to our store.